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Nowadays, finding the RIGHT JOB requires a lot of time going thru different job recruitment websites, job-fairs and manpower companies to find the RIGHT COMPANY for you.

While finding the RIGHT PEOPLE for the job requires various sourcing, screening and interviewing of individuals.

People-Link Staffing Solutions, Inc. (PSSI) efficiently and assertively links the RIGHT PEOPLE to the RIGHT COMPANY.

 Our Solutions include:

  1. Job Fairs and Talent Sourcing
  2. Conducting Training Programs
  3. Testing, Interviewing, Screening and Selecting qualified personnel
  4. Local Placement

Mission: People-Link help Filipinos find better jobs and learn better skills. We leverage digital technology to help people find better careers and help companies find better people.

Join us in our journey to make a better life for the Filipino worker.

Vision: People-Link aims to integrate digital technology in the overall process of Recruitment to Local placement of every Filipino worker.

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