Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel Training

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Learn how to maximize the use of Microsoft Excel to solve many types of business problems in this one-day training class made very affordable for entry level workers, students, and managers.

One Day (8:30AM – 5:00PM)

Training Venue:
4F Function Hall First Capitol Place 1st St. cor. Phil-Am St.
Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines 1603

Training Outline

Topic Learning Objective
Part One: Profiling and Aggregating Data

  • Aggregating Data
  • Distribution on Histograms
  • Trending on Time Series Graphs
  • Composition on Area Charts
  • Correlation on Scatterplots
Learn to automatically group, manipulate and visualize data for exploratory insight and better understanding. Learn the different kinds of basic charts and what questions they are best used for.
Part Two: Automation

  • Form Controls and Macros
  • Data Offset and Chart Automation
Learn how to automate repetitive tasks and how to create user interfaces for your reports so non-technical users can use them better.
Part Three: Forecasting and Regression

  • Correlation Analysis
  • Linear Regression and Forecasting
  • Predictive Modeling
Learn how to unearth hidden relationships in your data, create basic statistical analyses and forecast future trends, and also create predictive models to provide better insights to your users.
Part Four: Data Simulation and Modeling

  • Goal Seek
  • Sensitivity Analysis and Data Tables
  • Optimization on Solver
  • Scenario Manager
Learn how to optimize business solutions, use monte-carlo simulation to find the best possible answer and also use sensitivity analysis to provide possible outcomes from decisions for better planning.


Original Rate:        – P5,999.00 each
New Rate                – now P3,999.00 each (Save 33% OFF!)
Group Rate             – now P2,999.00 each (Save 50% OFF!)

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Every student should bring their own laptop and copy of Microsoft Excel. For Laptop Requirements:

  • Windows laptop, Core i3 or better, 4GB RAM or better, MS Excel 2007 or better
  • For MacBook, MS Excel 2013 or better (some functions require this version on the Mac)

*Laptop Rentals Available